Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Clique: Book 1 by Lisi Harrison


Harrison, L. (2004). The clique, Book 1. Little, Brown and Company: New York.

This series is a typical mean girls versus nice girls story. I only read the first one yet can see how the others in this series will follow suit. I believe the setting of this story is imperative as it takes place in a very expensive, very elite part of the country. These young teenage girls want for nothing. Their materialism is uncomfortable for those that do not have chauffeurs, new clothes for every season, huge mansions, and elite, private schools. They are beautiful, they are privileged, and they are oh so shallow. They are narcissistic, two-faced, hypocritical, deceitful, scheming, and cunning little bitches (their word, not mine.) If this story had taken place in a middle-class high school perhaps the story would hit closer to home for most teens. However, exaggerating the characters privileged lifestyle will have most teenage girls relating to these most manipulative and malicious girls. My favorite character? Claire, as she was so innocent but quickly realized that being the victim allowed her to turn the tables on the bullies. It is a good book because it gives those victimized teenaged girls a safe place to fantasize about those that bully them.

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