Sunday, October 2, 2011

Naruto, Vol. 30: Puppet Masters by Masashi Kishimoto

 MANGA: Noted on the Great Graphic Novels List, 2009

Kishimoto, M. (2008) Naruto, Vol. 30. Puppet masters. VIZ Media LLC: San Francisco, California.

I chose this Manga volume because it was on the Great Graphic Novels List. However, I quickly realized that starting with volume 30 was not going to make for easy understanding of the storyline. In fact, it is very unclear to me the exact plot of the story and it was difficult to keep the characters straight since they had all been introduced in much earlier volumes. I would like to focus on the playful tone of the book. There are whole pages with fight scenes and few or no words. Words such as “pow-pow-pow-pow-pow,” “pshhhh,” and  “ka blam, spit, swoop” has the reader poring over the pictures looking at the details, gathering further clues about the storyline. This manga series may be highly appealing to the reluctant teen, male reader. If the reader can get hooked on the first few books then they will be eager to read the remaining volumes.

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