Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Compound by S.A. Bodeen


Bodeen, S.A. (2008). The compound. Feiwel and Friends: New York.

The literary element that resonates throughout this book is the suspenseful tone the author creates. It is a page turner for sure. A family has been confined to an elaborate bomb shelter for the next 15 years, built by the billionaire father of the family. After being in the Compound for six years our protagonist, Eli, begins to question things. Why did the cattle and crops die so soon after entering the Compound when everything had been so intricately planned? What’s behind the padlocked door in Father’s office? And could the most horrendous plan for staying alive revolve around whatever lives behind the yellow door.  As Eli puts the pieces together the reader grows increasingly concerned for the well-being of the family. Father is knocked out by Eli and he is the only one that knows the code that will allow the family to leave, Mother is pregnant and confined to bed rest, and Eli establishes and Internet connection where he receives and IM from his “dead” brother, Eddy. As the suspense builds within the Compound, the reader is swept along with the current of anticipation. This book is sure to quickly grab the attention of teens. The book is filled with plot twists that set the stage for this teen thriller.  

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