Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wake by Lisa McMann


McMann, L. (). Wake. Simon Pulse: New York.

The conflict in this novel is between Janie and her battle to escape from falling into people’s dreams. There are additional conflicts that mirror teenage life such as Janie’s antagonist, Melinda, a rich, snotty girl that teases Janie about being poor. Janie is anxious over her relationship with Cabel and is riled by the thoughts that he dreams about her, his recent transformation into a good-looking senior, and his knife brandishing monster-man that also appears in his dreams. There is even a passive aggressive struggle with her alcoholic mother as Janie strives to maintain some sort of order in her life. The conflicts are all real to Janie but she struggles most with the dreams. Teens will find this book easy to read and exciting. The setting is Janie’s senior year in high school and she falls into students’ dreams that will be relatable to the reader.

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