Sunday, October 2, 2011

Prime Baby by Gene Luen Yang

Prime Baby by Gene Luen Yang                   

LITERARY GRAPHIC NOVEL: Noted on Great Graphic Novels List, 2011

Yang, G.L. (2010). Prime baby. First Second: New York.

This particular graphic novel will appeal to a certain group of teens. It is a classic tale of sibling rivalry as told through the voice of the older brother, Thaddeus.  The pictures are simple, the pages are uncluttered, and it alters between the characters speaking with talk balloons and boxed thoughts from Thaddeus. Although the plot is predictable, it will capture teens because aliens are brought on to the scene. When they are first introduced the audience may think they are part of Thaddeus’s imagination but it is proved otherwise during my favorite scene. Once the secret underground research facility has Maddie under observation, Thaddeus finally understands the value of having a sibling, albeit a much younger one. He decides he will barf up alien space crafts, as Maddie did, so he can join her in the research facility. This graphic novel is short enough to appeal to the reluctant reader and a sweet enough story for the reader not to have to necessarily be in the same situation as Thaddeus in order to appreciate it.

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